Star qualification

How we determine the quality of the holiday homes

At Villa for You we find it important that the holiday home you book meets a certain standard. We work with a clear classification system and display this in stars for the holiday home. All holiday homes are visited and viewed personally. Changes will be updated as soon as possible. Because of this you can rely on a good quality of our Villa for You holiday homes.

5 Stars - Highly luxurious furnishings ★★★★★

A holiday home of the highest level, comfortable with excellent quality. Stylish, luxurious and unique furnishing, often also located on a unique location. It offers a lot of comfort and possibly extra facilities such as a jacuzzi, sauna and/or swimming pool. Suitable for guests who value luxury and high quality.

4 Stars - High quality furnishings ★★★★

A holiday home with top quality furnishings with a luxurious touch. The furnishings offer a high level of comfort and possibly extra facilities such as a sauna. Higher than average. Suitable for guests who love good quality and luxury.

3 Stars - Comfortable furnishings ★★★

A comfortable holiday home with solid quality but not an abundance of luxury. The holiday home is well furnished with everyday comforts. Suitable for guests looking for a holiday home where they immediately feel at home.

2 Stars - Simple and functional furnishings ★★

Practical holiday home with the charm of simple. Possibly rustic and nostalgic furnishings. The quality is basic. Suitable for guests who are satisfied with little comfort and enjoy simplicity.

1 Star - Basic equipment ★

A holiday home with minimalist furnishings. You will only find primary facilities here. The holiday home often has a nostalgic look. Suitable for guests who are content with little comfort and may have less to spend.